Ghyslain Ouraux

-Male Viera

- In-game payment is to take place before any RP happens.-Ghyslain will not voice chat with ERP clients under any circumstance.- Do not ask Ghyslain for specific IRL information or pictures, in return, do not give any of your specific IRL information or pictures to Ghyslain. You will be told OOC if you have crossed a line requesting information.
Unsolicited IRL pictures are a zero tolerance policy.
- Do not pressure Ghyslain into situations where he is uncomfortable. He will warn you OOC if this is the case. Please see the Kinks section for further information.

Rules are subject to Ghyslain's discretion.
If he feels you are persistently breaking rules, whether mentioned here or not, you will be blacklisted and not refunded.

  • RP

  • RP (In-game) - 300k/hour

  • ERP (In-game) - 500k/hour

  • (Half hour packages available upon request)

  • All RP packages subject to availability

  • Photos

  • Visit Twitter for Work Reference

  • SFW Solo - 250k/pose

  • SFW Couple - 400k/pose

  • NSFW Solo - 450k/pose

  • NSFW Couple - 650k/pose

  • Retainment

  • 4 days of RP in Discord

  • Paragraph

  • RP - 3,000,000

  • ERP - 6,000,000

  • Multi-Paragraph

  • RP - 7,000,000

  • ERP - 12,000,000

  • 24/7

  • (One client per week)

  • You will be invited to a Private RP Discord server with just Ghyslain. His notifications will stay on, and he will answer your every beck and call as best he can, 24/7, except for IRL sleep/commitments.

  • 30,000,000 / week (NON-REFUNDABLE)


  • BDSM (Comfortable in either role)

  • Pain

  • Degradation

  • Light Bloodplay

  • Romantics

  • Breeding

  • Communicate OOC and we'll go from there ♥


  • Lalafells

  • Minors/Ageplay

  • (G)(V)ore

  • Scat

  • Inflation

The above list is not exhaustive. Ghyslain will tell you OOC if he is uncomfortable. Persistence results in being blacklisted with no refund.

Ghyslain is an employee at the Colosseum Cabaret & Casino
Diabolos, Goblet, Ward 10, Plot 43
Open Thursday-Saturday 8pm-12am EST
Ghyslain currently works 8-10pm each day
Subject to change at anytime

Purchasing his companionship while he's on shift entitles the client to certain discounted prices from off hours prices.
Join the Colosseum discord or read the carrd for more information!

Discord: Ghyslain#7470
Twitter: @PurpleBunboi